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Space Battles

Stellar Universe is a space strategy game with a lots of space battles. You can build your own fleet and use it as a protection or a tool to destroy your enemies and harvest resources in the vast universe.


Online Game

This is an online game so you can form a relationship with a lots of players, make friends and enemies, ruin someones day with your attacks and make someones day helping him.


Many Features

This is a complex game. Different strategies will benefit you differently - colony, building, ship, defence construction, managing resources and ship protection, calculating attack results, etc. There's a lot to do.

Recent Articles

Game is Open!

You can play right now. Game launched in 30.03.2018...

30. Mar 2018, 18:22:40

If login page appears to be broken then you should clear cache, easiest way to do that in the most of the browsers is by pressing ctrl + f5....

27. Feb 2018, 12:21:20
Game is closed!

Game is closed right now. We're expecting to be back online with fresh server in 27.02.2018 GMT+2 19:00(GMT 17:00)...

27. Feb 2018, 12:16:53

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New HOF: 112
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